Drivers in Syracuse, Oneida, and Liverpool know how important oil changes are when it comes to keeping their Subaru performing at its best. Some still have questions about how often oil should be changed.

To help answer them, our team at Bill Rapp Subaru put together this handy guide to Subaru oil change frequency. It'll help get you better prepared for a Subaru oil change!

When Does a Subaru Need an Oil Change?

All 2019 and 2020 Subaru models have the same manufacturer-recommended oil change frequency. You'll have to get an oil change every 6,000 miles or six months, whichever comes first.

If you're not sure how long it's been since your last Subaru oil change, your vehicle will exhibit a few signs that'll let you know it's time for fresh oil. Some of them include:

  • Excessive engine knocking
  • Dark or dirty oil
  • Smell of burning oil
  • Check Engine or oil pressure warning light

If you notice any of these signs as you cruise around town, bring your Subaru to our service center for an oil change. It's important to note: If you keep up with your Subaru oil change interval, you'll most likely avoid seeing these signs!

Synthetic Oil for Your Subaru


To go along with frequent oil changes, newer Subaru models will also require a synthetic blend of motor oil. If you're wondering what makes synthetic oil the superior choice over conventional motor oil, we'll tell you!

When synthetic motor oil is made, it's refined and distilled. This helps to remove many of the impurities you'll find in conventional blends. It also allows the molecules within to be specifically engineered to suit the needs of your Subaru engine!

Synthetic oil has better viscosity than conventional blends and has more resistance to the buildup of sludge. That means it'll flow through your engine more effectively. It'll also provide you with more protection in hot and cold weather, so your Subaru will be ready for the most extreme adventures!

Keep Up with Your Oil Change Frequency at Our Dealership

The team of factory-certified technicians at our service center is well-acquainted with the oil change intervals of all Subaru models. So, whether you bring them a new vehicle or one with more experience, they'll be able to tell you how frequently you'll need an oil change!

When they get down to it, a Subaru oil change is a fairly simple process for our team. It should only take them 30-40 minutes to complete. They'll also ensure that your vehicle gets the ideal blend of synthetic oil. That way, it can continue to perform at its best!

We also have a rotating list of service specials. Check them out now! There's bound to be one there that'll streamline your Subaru oil change further!

Schedule Your Subaru Oil Change Today!

Now that you're familiar with the importance of oil changes and the ideal schedule for your Subaru, it should be much easier to keep up with your vehicle's maintenance and keep it in top form.

If it's time for your Subaru oil change in Syracuse, Oneida, or Liverpool, visit the service center at Bill Rapp Subaru. Schedule a service appointment today!

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