Your Subaru BRZ can tell you when something is wrong with it. Those pesky dashboard lights are your BRZ's way of letting you know what's going on. If one turns on when you're traveling around Oneida, Liverpool, or Syracuse, then you need to address them appropriately.

Here are the meanings of some of the more common lights that may illuminate on your Subaru dashboard so you can understand what your BRZ is trying to tell you.

Subaru BRZ Vehicle Dynamics Control Operation/Warning Light

2016 Subaru BRZ

This light has a few different meanings depending on the context of when it turns on. The most common time you'll see this indicator turn on is when your dynamic control system becomes operative. When your BRZ begins to slip, this light comes on to indicate that the system is working.

If the light turns on and stays on, this may indicate a problem with the system. Since the anti-lock brakes work through this system, they may also not engage if this light is illuminated.

If this light comes on and stays on, you need to head to a Subaru dealer to have it addressed.

Security Indicator on Your BRZ's Dashboard

This light is your Subaru BRZ communicating about your security system. The light should blink when your alarm system is operational to let you know that it's working. You'll see this light illuminate when the keys are outside the system, the engine isn't running, or the push button system is in the on or ACC position with the engine off.

If the light doesn't blink or remains on, it may indicate an issue with your alarm system. Have it looked at by your Subaru service center for diagnostics.

Subaru BRZ DashboardSubaru BRZ LED Headlight Warning

If your BRZ has LED headlights and this dashboard light comes on, it's an indication that there's a problem with your LED headlight system. You should have your vehicle checked out at a Subaru dealer as soon as possible to ensure that your lights are working properly and there are no other electrical issues.

Subaru BRZ Hill Hold Indicator

The main reason that you'll see this light illuminate is to show you that the Hill Hold System in your 2016 Subaru BRZ is off. This can be done manually, and the light is a reminder that the system isn't working.

If you haven't turned off the system, then you may be experiencing problems with it. This light means you should have your BRZ checked out at your Subaru dealer as soon as possible to have your Hill Hold System restored.

Have Your BRZ Dashboard Lights Checked at Bill Rapp Subaru

Do you need to have a dealer check one of these or other dashboard lights on your BRZ? If you're in the Oneida, Liverpool, or Syracuse area, stop in to Bill Rapp Subaru. We can help you with those dashboard lights and get you on your way in no time at all! Schedule a service appointment today.

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